Conversation with
Dallas Artist Geoff Hager

We had the pleasure of meeting with Geoff at his studio and learning
more about his background and the future.. What was your
inspiration and how long have you
been painting?

Geoff Hager: I grew up in a painters
house, my mother was an abstract
painter (Helen Hager). I watched her
painting at her easel which was next
to the TV in our living room since I was
very young. So I was watching Gilligan's
Island and abstract art seven days a
week. I started painting as a child
and later received a Bachelor of Fine
Arts degree from the University of Texas  
at Austin in 1982.
M.D. When you completed College,
did you immediately start working as
an artist?

G.H.- My first professional job was in
Dallas at an Architects office doing
architectural illustrations. I did that for
one year and then went freelance
and have been working on my own
since then doing commissioned work for
Architects, Interior Designers, Developers
and Galleries.
M.D. What is it about your work
that you feel makes a connection
with the viewer?

G.H. I try to use color, pattern and
texture to touch the feeling of the
viewer. To mimic patterns and tonal
variance, to recreate a non realism
visual experience from our world. I
think we are all connected to the
universe through our visual dialog.
There are certain visual languages
that speak to us all. I try to find
those and describe them on a 2-d

M.D. We’ve seen in your work that
you also do sculptures in welded
steel and various other materials.
With so much of you work being
commissioned who decides which
way a piece goes?

G.H.  In commissioned work its 90%
about listening to the client. Not
that they can describe the final art
but their input can be the
foundation for the piece. For
instance, to see a finished art
package of numerous works fit into
a new buildings lobby where the
art, the architecture, and the
interiors all look seamless is a very
exciting thing.
M.D. Do you produce more work for private collectors or corporate clients.

G.H. It’s about even in terms of clientele. My work hangs in both private and
public spaces, corporate collections, as well as numerous galleries. Some of my
paintings are in lobbies and seen by thousands of people every year.
I get a real kick out of that.
M.D.- What do you see as the future of Geoff Hager art?

G.H. – I’ve been working with clients all across the country. I recently had a
great show at the New York Art Expo. From contracts signed from that effort my
work is now expanding to 44 countries world wide. I’ll be staying in Texas and
working and we’ll see if I can touch the feeling of viewers around the globe.  

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