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by Todd Camplin

At the end of this month, on March 25, Fort Worth will have their spring gallery
walk sponsored by the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association. A date worth saving,
but maybe you should scout out the places this weekend to get to know the
growing art scene of Fort Worth. The first place on my list of visits is Cydonia
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I know what you're saying, but that is in Dallas. They have moved after their building was sold
in Dallas and now they are at 1300 Gendy Street in the Art District of Fort Worth. Cydonia has
a very sophisticated program that makes a good pairing with the Fort Worth Modern. Their
upcoming show with artist Elise Eeraerts opens the 24th and 25th of March and runs through
April 22nd. I think Eeraerts’ minimal/conceptual art objects will be a great introduction to the
Fort Worth gallery goers. Eeraerts’ work is smart and simple, yet filled with complex ideas on
art hierarchies.
Fort Works Art is a newish gallery space that has been shaking up the scene with some smart
shows. The current exhibition of Cordelia Bailey and Dontrius Williams features their photography
with mostly black and white photos, but some with a splash of color. Bailey explores pattern
and color while Williams’ focus is on people and places of the day to day. I am excited to
see Fort Works Art’s next show, opening March 25, titled #28 Grams. The gallery has invited
artists off of Instagram to a group show, highlighting the success of Instagram as a platform
for artists. Fort Works Art brings some excitement to Fort Worth, but Gallery 414 has become
a mainstay for artists in the Fort Worth scene to help them emerge onto the art scene. Their
current show of Tarrant County College Northwest campus students looks intriguing. You
never know if one or two might be the next artist to watch.
Stanley Whitney’s Focus show at the Fort Worth Modern will be going down April 2nd, so plenty of
time to see those raw colors of lines and loose rectangles. I can’t wait to behold these masses of
abstract paintings. Whitney makes me feel that formal exploration doesn’t have to be hard edge
perfect. His paintings are all about paint with the heroic style of an Abstract Expressionist without
the dreary introspective existential dread. Amon Carter has several shows I want to see this month,
but I want to take a little time with David Ellis’ video titled Animal. I am big into watching artists
make things and Ellis shows his process during his residency in Austin. Some people like cooking
shows because they enjoy the process. I am the same way with videos of artists painting in any
style or technique.

The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association will be gearing up for their gallery night on the 25th of
March. Cydonia (not a member yet), Fort Works Art, the Fort Worth Modern, and Amon
Carter might be the top of my list, but William Campbell Contemporary Art is never to be
missed if you’re in Fort Worth.  Plan for the gallery night, but as Fort Worth art scene heats
up, you might want to go more than two or three times a year.


Fort Works Art - #28 Grams
Surfaces (modular unit), ceramics, 2017, 10 x 16.5 x 10 cm.
Image courtesy of the Artist and CYDONIA, Fort Worth.
Frank X. TolbertThe Texas Bird Project
William Campbell Contemporary Art