at  Galleri Urbane through March 24
by Todd Camplin

Forrest Solis’ show, titled “Self and Sex Series: What a Young Woman Ought to Know,” is focus
on the girl to woman relationship and the contrast of images makes for a little bit of dark humor.
When visiting Galleri Urbane’s presentation of Solis’ work, you will find yourself laughing and
then thinking.
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I remember fondly running across a publication titled “How to Become a Man,” a late 40’s publication
which provided hours of entertainment. Forrest Solis references these Victorian throwbacks through
the illustration style side of her paintings. The words provide boys and girls advice on “living well,”
but the information is so dated that the misogyny or false science comes across loud and clear.
Victorian ethics stress women as domestic and pure, Solis contrasts this sometimes with luscious
images of her female model. Ironically, her model is mirroring the same roles that the illustration depicts.
As things change, some things just stay the same.
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