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Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

Eric Trich and his 1111 Dragon Street Studio...
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What constitutes an emerging
artist? Is it mainly their age or
the stage of their career?
Age is the least important but
under 40 usually works. Are all
buyers and galleries mature
or emerging too? How
significant is an MFA from a
fashionable school on the
resume? Basically, an emerging
artist is an artist who hasn’t
quite yet achieved a solid
reputation with curators, critics,
dealers and collectors. Does
the word “emerging” sound
better than “unrecognized –
of course it does?”

It’s a pleasurable pursuit to
put your faith (and money)
in a youthful emerging artist
you feel will be important,
maybe famous. Emphasis on
youth is fine if the art is really
“new” and/or original and
the artist has staying power
in the field. And lastly and
all that counts, is there a
modest independent body
of work to hold its own next
to their contemporaries?
Trich is 22, talented, optimistic, talented, hardworking, talented, personable, talented
and determined.  He’s an artist on the cusp to keep in sight, whose spacious studio’s
frequent openings with professional live music in the background command a
perceptive presence.

From his own words: “My vision of this space is experimental – I intend to shake up
the status quo and offer something fresh and unique. I named the space
1111 Dragon Street because I didn’t want to glamorize the title. It’s simple,
straight to the point, and emphasizes the location which is the most important
aspect of the name. This is where it’s all going to happen."

I want to blend multiple forms of creative expression to weave meaning and
influence in powerful combinations that will push people around in their
intellectual playgrounds.

Something different, something new.”  

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