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This isn't something new, but at Edelman Leather they have spent
over 20 years working through the challenges to make these leather
tiles what they are today - practical, workable, and extremely beautiful.
The wall and floor tiles are cured using an ancient vegetable tanning process, originally used in
making leather for industrial uses as well as for fine saddlery. Vegetable tanning updated, adds
extra life and resilience to the hide, creating an ever-breathing, changing leather. It enhances the
natural beauty of the hide. The careful selection of the appropriate hides for flooring and walls is
crucial. Only the center portion of the hide, where the uniformity of thickness and the strongest
fibers are, can be used. Cutting the hide into tiles needs specially built steel dies and heavy duty
cutting equipment in order to maintain equal pressure. The results are amazing!
Leather floor and wall tiles should be installed
on a clean, unfinished surface, preferably
plywood. Of course, all open subfloor seams
should be properly grouted. Never install on
sheet rock or drywall. To begin, always lay the
pattern starting in the middle of the room. The
tile should be laid to a line as a ceramic tile.
This way the spaces between the tiles will vary
just a bit. They will fit together like a puzzle.
Leather tiles themselves will vary slightly due to
their being a natural product and they also
need to be opened for a minimum of 48 hours
before installation to acclimate and “breathe”.
Leather for floors and walls is beautiful; it wears
and wears, gradually developing a rich,
natural patina that is the true mark of quality
leather. Only leather dyed through and
through gives this result. Leather floors and
walls soften sound, warm the atmosphere,
feel great underfoot, and get better with
age, becoming a good friend. Leather
floors have nothing to do with fashion and
everything to do with style. A leather floor
is, indeed, the Ultimate Leather Accessory!  
It is recommended that
you choose an installer
with floor tile
experience…even better,
an expert in the eyes of
the Edelmans, who are
available to give you
advice about installing
your leather tiles!

find Edelman Leather at:

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1025 N Stemmons Freeway # 710
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