A Dynamic Duo

Geoff Hager +
Stephanie Moore Hager
Stephanie Moore Hager, founding
principal of the Dallas-based
interior design firm Moore Design
Group, specializes in creating
vibrant spaces within multifamily
living communities all over North
America. Geoff, her husband of
eight years and an established
fine artist, creates one-of-kind,
site-specific pieces for
Stephanie’s projects that go
way beyond the predictable
posters and giclées commonly
reserved for developments with
tight art budgets. Together, they
wow demanding developers
with atypical interiors that
attract tenants aspiring to
enhanced lifestyles.
So what is their secret for transferring
the success of their personal relationship
to a business one? Though they wake
up next to each other in the morning,
Stephanie is careful to treat Geoff like
any other vendor. Likewise, Geoff
considers his wife just another client
with demands and deadlines.

Stephanie’s firm does enlist other
artists and craftsmen, but she admits
that working with Geoff is often
easier – not only because they know
each other so well, but also because
of his comprehensive understanding
of the building process, his extensive
background in architectural
illustration, and his keen
organizational skills.
Commercial interior design and art created for public venues is a delicate balance of
creativity and business. Intertwined with the more artistic component of conceptualizing
and design development is the restrictive reality of schedules, budgets, construction and
deadlines. Both Stephanie and Geoff are fortunate to posses the creativity to visualize
and the left-brained skills to make their imaginations reality. Just a few of the past
collaborations between this dynamic duo include: Bristol at Southside in Birmingham;
The Depot in Fort Worth; Bristol on Union in Memphis; and both Marquis at West Village
and Marquis on McKinney in Dallas.
They are most pleased with their latest collaboration: ICON in the Gulch in Nashville. While staying
within budget, Stephanie and her design team fulfilled their goal of elevating the inhabitants’
experience by infusing the multifamily portion of this mixed-use development with striking details
like back-lit honey onyx in the main elevator lobby. Geoff added to the project’s impact with
installations such as:

“The Beginning” (Lobby wall) – An oversized (25’h X 13’w) acrylic painting on 16 birch panels
applied with 5,800 four-inch hand-cut fabric squares.

“Timber Sections” (Lobby hallway) – 14 section-cuts ranging from 12”- to 35”-diameter of 5
species of trees (pecan, boisd’arc, elm, cedar, and oak), which were aged for a year in
his studio.





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