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Domiteaux Architects
In an era of mass marketing and production, home construction can become
cookie-cutter. But for architect Mark Domiteaux, every house is a chance to
reinvent and hone his design.
“We never have any standard details every house is a prototype,” he said.
“We always have really tight budgets and that compels us to be eclectic
with our style.”
He and partner Laura Baggett are Domiteaux Architects,a decade-old Dallas practice
that covers the bases from historic to mid century modern to old ranch house remodels.
The goal is to be seamless and freshen and modernize things.“We’re contemporary, but
we’re not stripped down,austere modern,” Domiteaux said.“We tend to be much more
inclusive of our material choices and more experimental at times of how things go together.”
He points to his Hill Country house as an example. “We found huge sheets of
rusted sheet metal that were again just sitting in a steel supply house and they
had no idea what to do with them,” he said. “We used them on the interior
walls on the big open spaces and it gave them a nice, organic feel.”
Other favorite materials lately include manganese bricks, and burnished
stucco, and zinc. (“It’s got this incredible warm patina and lasts 200 years
and it only looks better as time goes by.” Because every detail matters
when you’re making it your own original everytime.
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