at 500X Gallery
by Todd Camplin

S. Diane Durant and Devyn Gaudet have just polished off a show at 500x this Sunday, featuring
photos of traveling boots and the 50 boots themselves displayed in a kind of Robert Smithson
spiral jetty fashion. When I dropped by, I was incredibly fortunate to see Diane Durant in the
upstair project space with a child and a young lady. I listened to her explain the piece, but
for me the titles were incredibly helpful. Titles like “50 BOOTS MAKE IT TO THE OTHERSIDE Imperial,
TX” and “50 BOOTS GET QUESTIONS Sierra Blanca, TX” reflect what is happening in the images,
but implies a border state narrative. A great backstory accompanied each image and it was
fun to see the little girl walk between the boots to the center of the jetty.
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I met Diane Durant a long time ago, when I was leaving and she was beginning her work with the
UT Dallas journal Sojourn, which became Reunion. Both artists went through the UT Dallas program
which was filled with learning about theory, so I was not surprised to see such a strong conceptual
show rooted in powerful ideas. Though the show walked off February 1st, you will have another
opportunity to see
Diane Durant’s work at 500x this March. Devyn Gaudet’s photography can
be found on his website.
photography piece made in the early 1970’s. The concept was to take boots and place them
of Sol Lewitt’s dream that conceptual artists play the same pieces over and over again like a

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