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"Abstractly, I paint things that seem to reflect parts of myself that I do not
immediately recognize.  I place shapes and colors onto the surface of a painting in
order to see how they will interact with, obliterate, and influence shapes and colors
laid down before, or disappear under similar gestures that are still to come.

Over time, the accumulation of both insignificant and large gestures, mini-decisions,
and random juxtapositions of happenstance combine to create something that is
more complex than I can understand verbally or that I thought I was initially trying
to achieve.   
In life, the person who most profoundly influences me is not the person I expect to
be influenced by; the unexpected glimpse seen through a crack between
buildings is more rewarding than the sight that I went looking for.  These things
resonate in my psyche longer for having caught me unaware and unprepared.  
They become something personal and larger than me, causing me to grow and
expand to appreciate them.
It is this unknowable and unexpected flash of significance that I look for when I
paint.  It is the belief that I occasionally find it that keeps me painting."

Holly Johnson Gallery
1411 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX. 75207


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