David Fokos: Sea Stones
January 6 - February 17, 2018
Cris Worley Fine Arts
1845 Levee St. #110, Dallas, TX 75207.
Gallery Hours are
Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 5pm and by appointment.
Cris Worley is proud to present our third solo exhibition of San Diego-based artist David Fokos. Sea
Stones opens with an artist’s reception Saturday, January 6, and will run through February 17, 2018.

The artist will be in attendance from San Diego. David Fokos’ photographs evoke tranquility and
emanate light, capturing the feeling and emotion of a location rather than simply documenting
precise imagery. Utilizing a large-format 8 x 10 Korona View camera from the 1920s, Fokos calms
the texture and motion of his land and seascapes by employing long exposures lasting from 20
seconds to 60 minutes. Only selecting three to four photographs for his portfolio each year, the
photographer then scans his best images into a computer, spending 100+ hours fine-tuning
each element until the landscape is refined into its purest essence. A former student of
Japanese art history, film, and poetry, Fokos distills the grace, stillness, and simplicity
found in a traditional haiku into his images. Sculpting the light and dark areas of his
prints to guide the eye, each photograph inspires a sense of quiet contemplation.

Sea Stones will feature select works from the artist’s portfolio along with five new prints of rock
formations on the Massachusetts seaside. In the title work from the show, two islands of rock
interrupt a misty vista, drawing the eye to the seemingly endless horizon. In The Sentinel, a
jagged peak stands impassively on the shore, conveying the power of the natural world
against a dreamy backdrop where sky and sea blend as one. Born in Baltimore, Maryland
in 1960, David Fokos received his first Kodak Brownie camera from his grandfather at age 11.
Developing his passion for photographing the seascapes of Martha’s Vineyard as a teenager,
he was influenced by the work of Ansel Adams. Fokos received his Bachelor of Engineering
from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York while refining his platinum printing process. Regularly
exhibiting his work in galleries on the west coast and in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, Fokos is also
included in the collections of Banana Republic, Microsoft, Texaco Corporation, McGraw- Hill,
the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Museum of Photographic Art in San Diego, and the
Boise Art Museum, among others.

David Fokos is also an award-winning film director and executive producer. Founded with
his wife, Barbarella, his San Diego-based Salt and Sugar Productions specializes in compelling
documentary-style films that express the passions and philosophies people and companies
have for their work. Their magazine-style program Art Pulse TV garnered an Emmy for its entertaining
look at the San Diego and northern Baja art scene, and his short documentary
Tribal Baroque—Beingness won the award for “Best Documentary Short Film” at the 2017 San Diego
Film Awards. The duo has recently premiered a 20-minute film about legendary skate
photographer J. Grant Brittain to a sold-out crowd and will screen “Best Documentary” nominee
“Visions of Home” profiling realist painter Heather Neill at the Northern Virginia Film & Music
Festival in April 2018.
David Fokos
The Sentinel, Chilmark, Massachusetts, 2015
archival pigment print ed. of 50
*sizes vary
© 2017 all rights reserved.

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Ruben Nieto: Savoring Lichtenstein
January 6 - February 17, 2018
Cris Worley is proud to present our fourth solo exhibition of Dallas-based artist Ruben Nieto.
Savoring Lichtenstein opens with an artist’s reception Saturday, January 6, and will run through
February 17, 2018.

The artist will be in attendance. A master of what he calls “comic abstraction,” Ruben Nieto
draws on a creative process rooted in childhood memories of watching cartoons and reading
comic books. Inspired by historical greats like Warhol, Motherwell, Still, Sultan, Pollock, and
Lichtenstein, he assembles disparate fragments from his iconic source material, digitally altering
characters via Photoshop to create a new narrative within his densely layered compositions.

In his current work, Nieto offers an homage to Roy Lichtenstein. By appropriating and
recontextualizing Lichtenstein’s flat graphic look, wavy brushstrokes, and Ben-Day dots,
Nieto’s digital prints and oil paintings offer a moment of “savoring” the formal elements
found in the pop master’s work. Utilizing silk for the first time as a canvas, Savoring Lichtenstein
will feature both digital prints and oil paintings among new works. In the work Pinocchio, Nieto
twists and distorts the Disney puppet who longed to be a real boy on an explosive field of color.

In Mighty Mouse trying to Catch the Road Runner, primary splashes are layered over a more linear
backdrop to recall a marriage of Warhol’s camouflage canvases with Lichtenstein’s contained
comic panels. Each work pays tribute to the modern masters as it defines a new
visual language.

Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Ruben Nieto holds a BFA from the Universidad de Guanajuato and
an MFA in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Nieto has exhibited his
works internationally in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico and the
United States and his works are held in important public and private collections.
Ruben Nieto
Pinocchio, 2017
oil on canvas
48x 36 inches