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by Stone Forest
Stone Forest knows the perfect way to adorn an outdoor space. Carved from a single
block of granite to form an irregular “broken” saw cut texture, Stone Forest introduces
their newest Ribbed Sphere Fountain, which takes its position in the garden with
elegant and commanding design. As water flows over the fissures in the stone, it
creates a wavy, mesmerizing pattern as well as a soothing and bewitching sound.
The Ribbed Sphere Fountain provides a unique and contemplative atmosphere
to an outdoor environment. Available in two sizes: 20" diameter and 350 lbs and
24" diameter and 650 lbs.
available at:
This unique, "ribbed" 36" diameter - 2500 lbs granite sphere fountain is sure to make your neighbors
jealous!  As water flows over the irregular "broken" saw cut texture, it creates a wavy, mesmerizing