1011 Dragon Street   DALLAS, TEXAS 75207
Pam Nelson + Kevin Box
Rich Bowman
April 5 – May 10, 2014
Nationally and internationally recognized Dallas artist Pamela Nelson is presenting her second
exhibition at Craighead Green. Not only known for her lively acrylic on canvas paintings,
Nelson also held the prestigious position of Presidential Appointee, US Commission for Fine
Arts, elected vice-chair and was also appointed to the Public Arts Committee, City of
Dallas. Her paintings can be seen in public and private collections around the globe.  
Nelson titled this exhibition "The Pink Bazaar". This installation is composed of eleven
paintings. The paintings are shown in an environment she created in the gallery to
represent both a bazaar and a booth at an art fair. Nelson comments that " the
arrangement mimics the sacred art booth which is repeated throughout the world
as collectors worship at the art fair cathedrals" The installation is also reflective of
her strong opinions about the commerce of art and art prices that she feels are now
in the pink. Her reference to pink is also seen buy her painting the walls pink, a
compassionate color, nurturing and feminine. Nelson comments that “20 years
ago she constructed an installation influenced by the Wendy Reeves collection
at the DMA. It was a time of transition in my life. Now, I am in another transition time,
living alone, married to art. And time for another installation. "

Sculptor Kevin Box is continuing his exploration of paper.  His work celebrates the delicate
nature of paper in museum quality bronze, stainless steel and aluminum castings.  He
mentions that "...he looks at a piece of paper as a " tabla rosa", a clean slate, perfect
potential."  Box's sculpture is easily recognized. He began his career in printmaking
and then transitioned into sculpture. His study and fascination of origami is also easily
recognized. Origami paper planes, crumpled ideas and innovative abstractions are
all themes that inspire this portfolio of sculpture. His final bronze sculptures are cast by
hand and completed with hand finished touches, exclusive to his work. His
compositions are familiar; Birds, horses, the Pegasus and the all too familiar
representation of the hand game, Ro Sham Bo, better known as Rock-Paper-
Scissors. Combinations of materials such as stone boulders taken from his land in New
Mexico along with highly manipulated bronze and steel are all combined and
presented as if they were always one. The sculptures range in size from monumental
outdoor pieces to small table top pieces. Box has installed many works both
nationally and internationally. Box’s practical experience has allowed him to
travel locally, nationally and most recently to Bangkok and Sai Noi Thailand. Box
attended Pratt Institute, NY, and received his BFA from the school of Visual Arts, NY.  
Box was honored in 1998 with the Presidential Grant while attending school in New York.

Rich Bowman is back in Dallas for his 3rd exhibition with the Gallery.  Bowman is
continuing his exploration of painting the sky by studying the density and variance
of color. His paintings examine the effects the sky and atmosphere on the landscape
and the people below. The shadows and transparency of endless hues of color are
represented in each of his paintings. Capturing the moods of the Midwestern sky is
nothing short of a spiritual retreat for Bowman. He comments that "these familiar places
calm my soul. The simple act of translating this subject matter grounds me, in truth my
mediation."  Bowman's dusky sky-scapes are rich in color and captivating because of
the intensity. They can be both calming and disturbing. Violent thunderheads loom
overhead and at the same time the experience he shares on the ground is calm and
peaceful. Bowman was born in Sherman TX; he currently lives in Kansas City, MO. He
received his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Kansas City Art Institute.
Kevin Box, Pegasus, cast bronze, 11” x 15” x 7” & Pegasus Unfolded, cast aluminum, 36” x 36”

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