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A series of Layers: Daniel Angeles
Grids, Layers and Lines: Orna Feinstein
In My Garden: Carlos Ramirez
April 1 through: May 6, 2017
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Carlos Ramirez
"In My Garden "

Throughout “In My Garden”, Carlos Ramirez’s first exhibition for Craighead Green Gallery, we see his
abstract paintings engage nature through memory.  Ramirez’s Florida studio butts up against his long-
curated garden, a place that prompts his paintings.  Observing these shapes and textures from the wild, he
begins with reference drawings in ink and layers over them with large swaths of vibrant color and intense
sgraffito scratches.  This process is repeated until the work finds its formal peace.  Ramirez, in his own words,
wants to “create a sense of space… to bring to the front the textural quality of the paint surface.”  
Currently a successful designer of formal wear, Ramirez’s palette and composition reflect a mind excited by
both the energy of adventure and the discipline necessary to avoid overworking a canvas.

Orna Feinstein
"Grids, Layers, and Lines"

Orna Feinstein, a mixed media Texas artist specializing in printmaking and sculpture, returns to Craighead
Green with an exciting new series of work marking the 20th anniversary of her exploration of the tree trunk.  
Despite her centralized interest, Feinstein is never one to be pinned down.  Her use of non-traditional
surfaces for print range from fabric to Plexiglas surprising the observer by playfully shifting focal points.  
Echoes of Op-Art reverberate through patterns inspired by trees’ rings and cellular structure.  All of these
experimental methods are used to keep her practice “less calculated and more intuitive, giving serendipity
and chance a role in the end result.”  This is in fine display in her upcoming show: “Grids, Layers, and Lines”.
Feinstein has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions, collected by such institutions as the
Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Douro Museum in Portugal, and participated in residencies in both
the United States and abroad.

Daniel Angeles
"A Series of Layers"

Daniel Angeles works with an open heart.  His delicate watercolors of animal characters and objects are
entrenched in his emotional state.  Angeles himself regards his work as “a sort of illustrated journal.”  Their
intrigue is found in his ability to weave vulnerability and concern into highly precise visions that employ
metaphor, whimsy, and narrative.  In one work, a small black bird armed with a match sets fire to a page
whose only text is “Why?”.  It’s at once deadpan pun and quiet rumination.  Angeles’ mastery of the
medium is comprehensive; his wildlife, regardless of which species, is carefully imbued with texture.  A
feather is light.  A skin is callous.  This body of work, entitled “A Series of Layers”, finds Angeles pushing his
already unique style by pushing against the fourth wall, enticing the viewer with stories that break from the
page and into space itself.

Orna Feinstein
"Tree Dynamics #138"
14" x 14"
layered monoprints and acrylic sheet on assorted media