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Lance Letscher
Reinhard Ziegler
Maja Ruznic
January 13 through February 17, 2018
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Lance Letscher                                                                                                                            Parallel Universe

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Austin-based artist, Lance Letscher.
Lance Letscher is an artist who has carved objects from marble and wood, covered objects in lead, and
used many techniques, such as painting, drawing and printmaking to convey his ideas. Since 1993, the
work has solely been collage. The most recent collages have taken a turn from graphic, pattern-based
compositions towards saturated and colorful found imagery as a serious component, within a romantic
narrative. The organization of the cut materials is structured in a way to tell a story or connote a place,
whether expansive and space-age, curiously scientific or domestic and cozy. The exhibition will include
several small collages on book covers and collages made of cut metal and staples. The overriding rush for
the viewer is a very dense world of layer upon layer of cut paper (or metal) building a distinct emotional

In 2009, the University of Texas Press published a monograph of Letscher’s work, which covered a period
of work from 2001-2008. In 2016, the film, “The Secret Life of Lance Letscher” debuted at the South by
Southwest Film Festival and has continued to screen in various film festivals, museums and film houses
nationally, including Ovation TV. Directed by Austin based editor and long-time Richard Linklater
collaborator, Sandra Adair, the film is a deeply personal and psychological portrait, edited by Adair
with a soundtrack composed by Graham Reynolds. A TBA screening of the film will take place in Dallas
during the run of the exhibition.

Lance Letscher lives and works in Austin, TX where he earned a BFA and an MFA from the University of
Texas. His work is shown internationally, including recent exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Spain,
Belgium and Germany. He is represented by galleries in Paris, France; Santa Fe, NM; New York, NY;
Jackson, WY; Austin, TX and Dallas, TX.

His work is in museum collections including The McNay, San Antonio, TX; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston;
The Blanton Museum, Austin and the Tyler Museum, Tyler, TX.

Reinhard Ziegler                                                                                                                      Essential Landscape

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by German-born, Dallas-based
artist, Reinhard Ziegler. This latest series introduces a sense of otherness to his treatment of landscape
and explores the possibility of metaphorical content.
Landscape has been an enduring theme and passion of Ziegler’s for over three decades. Earlier work
presented scenes in precise detail, depicting nature “as it is”, providing the opportunity to spend extended
time with moments that are normally fleeting. This most recent work is comprised primarily
of painting using carbon black acrylic on watercolor paper as well as photographic digital prints.
The paintings are literal translations of photographs taken in the snowbound, volcanic lands of
Norway and Alaska. They mark a move to a further level of abstraction, reflecting a desire to reveal
the bare essence or underlying spirit of places that are somewhat ‘unplaceable”. Rock, snow and
sky merge into seamless, flat vistas. Land, horizon and scale are rendered as ambiguous, two-
dimensional patterns. While fully realistic, these pared down images take on a mysterious,
Rorschach-like quality. What remains are only the essential elements of each scene: extremes
of black and white. An unknown landscape is an unknown place.

A native of Germany, Reinhard Ziegler moved to Dallas in 1963, receiving his undergraduate degree
from Southern Methodist University in 1974, and later teaching photography at Meadows School of
the Arts at SMU. He holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Iowa Visual Scholars Program,
and also served on the faculty of the University of Iowa. He has exhibited throughout the country
and is included in several corporate collections including; Accenture, Delta Airlines, Texas Instruments
and the Rosewood Corporation.

Maja Ruznic                                                                                                                                                    Avet

Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist,
Maja Ruznic. Her recent paintings and fabric sculptures are a search for lost cousins, forgotten uncles
and unknown fathers. This will be the second exhibition at Conduit Gallery for Ruznic.

Avet, the Bosnian word for apparition or ghost, is a reference to Ruznic’s creative process of pulling
her characters out of nothingness. Ruznic’s first exhibition at Conduit Gallery (2014) populated the
Project Room space with figurative works on paper; the figures seemingly pulled out of washy pools
of ink. Artificially long features and limbs wrapped and coiled around the subjects at times deeming
the figure almost borderless.
Working now with oil on canvas, Ruznic’s latest pictures verge on total abstraction, yet upon inspection,
figures emerge, seemingly wandering through unnamed landscapes. Ruznic describes the process of
composing each image as conjuring a memory and the redeeming of essential details as she paints
with “the drunken hand”, an intuitive impluse that knows something the artist may not. This looseness
of intention allows Ruznic to start with the lightest of stains on canvas or the manipulation of small
fabric scraps until a face feels familiar. Applying thin layers of oil pigment onto the canvas with soft
bristled make-up brushes allows Ruznic to leave the weave of the canvas exposed, displaying its
organic nature and allowing for a sense of breath from the substrate.

As Ruznic’s figures emerge, they are perhaps asking the viewer to be held, to be helped. An empathy
which can bridge the gap between the polarity and extremes of today’s political turmoil. Ruznic states,
“Painting and stitching allow me to sift through my ideas about who they might have been. I make
them up as I go, wiping and staining the surface of the canvas until a face feels familiar. The scraps
of fabric make up entire little individuals who dance to help me remember.”

Maja Ruznic is primarily a painter, a storyteller who conjures form and narrative from ground up mineral,
smeared oil, and stained canvas. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1983, Ruznic immigrated to the
United States with her family in 1995, settling on the West Coast where she eventually went on to
study at the University of California, Berkeley, later earning an MFA from the California College of
Arts. Ruznic’s often-quoted personal history – a refugee who escaped the Bosnian War – is only the
beginning of her journey. Ruznic has recently shown work in Sarajevo, Denver, Istanbul, Austin, Vienna,
San Francisco and Los Angeles. Ruznic’s work has been written about extensively, most notably in
Juxtapoz, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Studio Visit Magazine, and twice in New American Paintings,
including the cover as selected by curator Anne Ellegood. Ruznic is currently a finalist for the Richard
Diebenkorn Teaching Fellowship, awarded in partnership with the San Francisco Art Institute and the
Headlands Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA.

​left to right:  Maja Ruznic, Lance Letscher, Reinhard Ziegler​