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Central to the Mitzi brand is a focus on adaptability: many of the fixtures are designed for
consumers who might not be in permanent locations or large spaces so the products are

smaller in scale and require only an outlet plug rather than professional installation. The
collection also contains a large selection of portables designed for frequent movers.

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Sometimes the most important part of a creative process is its editing stage. By refining lighting
concepts to their simplest elements, Mitzi frees their essential forms to make an aesthetic impact.
Mitzi’s contemporary ensemble is the beginning of  a new and broader demographic. Mitzi’s
motto is “everyone deserves the benefits of good design in their home whether they own or

rent” and Mitzi was developed to provide products that are distinct. Mitzi is attainable high
design. We’ve chosen a
few pieces to give you a taste of the fun, funky and clean aesthetic
of this new brand.