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Shifting Fancy of the Crowd
A Solo Exhibition of New Works by
Howard Sherman
March 25 through: May 6, 2017
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I have had a long-standing interest in creating paintings that mix muscular abstraction
with a playful cartoonist sensibility. It is a marriage of gestural mark making and
cartoonish figuration. The results have been commanding and humorous. While still
“painterly”, I’m increasingly interested in making things that are raw and powerful.
I want you to feel like you’re licking the live wire while you giggle.

My most recent work has grown out of large paper assemblages created three years ago.
Though still viewed like two-dimensional paintings, the surfaces of those pieces felt more
sculptural and tactile.  Paper is ephemeral but those pieces were just the opposite. This
new body of work continues that line of thought. The new paintings disrupt the surfaces
using canvas instead of paper. Sometimes leaning heavily into collage, the new work
repurposes scraps of old paintings as well as unprimed canvas to create something that
feels even more primal and free. The small works on paper have always been important,
too. Functioning much like an agile drawing practice, they continue to inform the larger