Just in case you did not get the visual in
the beginning of the article, here it is....

The Contura from Americh, is a new
luxury bathtub offering a dynamic focal
point with sensual shapes and unexpected
details. The sumptuous freestanding design
of Contura, stretches the bathroom
beyond its basic function. More than a
utilitarian object, the bathtub becomes a
work of art that speaks to the soul.
Enveloping the bather in ergonomic
comfort, gracious curves feel alive, not
static Contura is sculpture for the bath.
The Contura is available as a still soaking
bathtub or with an indulgent Airbath
Available at:
Westside Kitchen & Bath          
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There you are driving up the freeway after an extremely hectic day at the office
and all you can think about us is getting home, running the hot water and relaxing
in a bath with Juniper Spruce to revitalize & soothe muscle tension or Lavender to
relax those tired weary muscles.. Well,  do you have the ultimate  bathroom that
not only is fitted out with one  of those chic baths that make you  feel like you are
in a paradise spa?

Well just in case you need some help finding the coolest baths around town;
moderndallas found some incredible baths which will  turn your bathroom into
your own spa.
Le Cob is the figurehead of the Licciardi
collection of products for OMVIVO. It is named
after Le Corbusier and his iconic Chaise
Lounge.  It gives the effect of lying in a stream
with the water running around and over the
occupant before it cascades onto the pebbles
below. It soothes with the naturally therapeutic
effects of flowing water. The overflowing water
can be recycled and the form holds
considerably less water than a traditional bath.
Le Cob is the ultimate relaxation vessel
challenging our perception of a normal bath.
It uses the hygienic Japanese bathing ritual of
washing first and bathing afterwards for
relaxation. Le Cob combines ergonomics
sculpture and true self indulgence. Le Cob is
made from Cameo White Corian®  AB™ and
19mm glass, it features an optional pebble
covered overflow drain.   available at: TKO Ass
Now for something a little simple.
The Ice Bath from Clearwater is a simple
statement of clean crisp lines and a
functional bath tub that is ideal
freestanding as a feature, or positioned
in a corner to optimize space.
The Ice Bath is also available as a
soaker or with the Airbath system.
Available in multiple colors with the
option of matching any color as
desired. Available at:
Westside Kitchen
& Bath

TKO Associates
230 Decorative Center
Dallas. TX 75207

Westside Kitchen and Bath
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