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John Pomara
Barry Whistler Gallery continues the 2017 season with an exhibition of works by gallery artist John
Pomara. Digital-Hypnosis: Paintings/Photos opens April 1, 6-8 PM, and runs through May 13, 2017.
This exhibition will feature new oil enamel paintings on aluminium as well as works on canvas,
photographs, and wall vinyl.

Pomara is currently a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. His work is in the permanent
collection at the Dallas Museum of Art and The Museum of Fine Arts Houston as well as many
other public and private collections.

The artists states, Painting for me is a continuous operational process relying on analog and
digital means in my studio practice. Painting and photography has always been a screen
where the analog can interact with the digital. Pictures are frozen while I possess the ability
of constant reiterations through the use of my iPhone and various apps. These means just
keep expanding my practice to even include photos shared on such sites as Instagram
and Tumblr for appropriation and manipulation. Glitch them, print them, and then add
spray paint. The hand just keeps returning on top of technology; pushing it around in a
tug of war.

Darryl Lauster
Barry Whistler Gallery is pleased to present a site specific installation by gallery artist
Darryl Lauster.  Less the Remainder opens April 1, 6-8 pm and continues through May 13.

The artist states “Less the Remainder is a work that investigates the ethics in contemporary
America using material analogies that point to anxiety, economics , and agency.”

Lauster’s mixed media sculptures typically explore and appropriate American history.
Lauster  will simultaneously have a solo show at the Amon Carter Museum of American
Art in Fort Worth. The exhibition titled “Trace” will make use of text and marble, containing
over a dozen works. Lauster is a professor of sculpture and media at the University of Texas in
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red-lite district, 2017
Oil enamel on aluminum
48 x 48 inches
JOHN POMARA / Digital - Hypnosis
DARRYL LAUSTER/ Less the Remainder
April 1 - May 13, 2017
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Less the Remainder, 2017
bronze, steel, and hemp
dimensions variable