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Concrete, Poles, and Trees

Barry Whistler Gallery is excited to announce Concrete, Poles, and Trees, a solo exhibition
of the new work by Steve Dennie. This is the gallery's first showing for Dennie.

The exhibition will consist of 25  black and white photographs from his 2015 series titled
Volume Three, which follows his recently published set of catalogues, Volume One and
Volume Two.

Dennie is a street photographer, but not in the usual sense of the term. Instead of
photographing people interacting in urban locations, he photographs the familiar
outdoor locations he encounters on a daily basis, which do not include people,
just the environments. This intentional absence of human life in the work helps evoke
the emotional response he is looking for.

Dennie states... "What attracts me is the visually mundane and how it transforms itself
into the formal elements of a photograph by blurring the lines between esthetics of
painting and photography."

Concrete, Poles, and Trees opens Saturday, May 20th, 6-8 PM and is on view until
July 29th, 2017.
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Group Exhibition

Saturday, May 20th, Barry Whistler Gallery opens Power Lines, a group exhibition featuring
the works of 5 artists; Frank Stella (New York), Adam Raymont (Berlin), Liz Trosper (Dallas),
Nathan Green (New York), and Spencer Brown-Pearn (Dallas).
May 20th through July 29th, 2017.
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The stalwart Frank Stella is certainly recognized as an influence on all four artists included here.
Stella's bold juxtaposition of line and form has been felt in the art community in mass since the
early 1960's. Prior to this period, Stella made a trip to Colorado in 1957, visiting small copper
mining towns. The names of these small towns he encountered would later make their way
into the titles of his  now famous Copper Series paintings and prints. Three of these prints completed
in 1970 are included here.

The other four artists are addressing issues of painting and, as Liz Trosper mentions, "the subject
matter of painting and it's recent history." She is specifically addressing "the total upheaval
the digital revolution wrought." Nathan Green is interested in "the tension between objecthood
of the painting and the flatness of the graphic language." Spencer Bown-Pearn paintings on
paper are created via "a collaboration between the artist and a manually glitched file."
Adam Raymont has blown up his typically intricate small scale line drawings to encompass
two large works on canvas.

Power Lines opens Saturday, May 20th, 6-8 PM and is on view until July 29th, 2017.