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“Hip, Casual Gallery” on Henderson Inspires
Buying Local and Going Green...
If you’re an urban pioneer and
environmentalist at heart who’s always
craving a new conversation piece for your
space, the latest hot spot on Henderson
deserves a visit. ART is ART’s location in the
trendy Knox/Henderson strip is the perfect
addition to the area’s signature selection
of hip venues in Dallas. Their one-of-a-kind,
modern and abstract paintings by local
artists, cool contemporary and recycled
furniture and locally handmade pottery
are among this consignment store’s
coalescence of hidden treasures. Not to
mention the incredibly friendly ambiance
and welcoming vibe.
ART is ART is owned by Renata Holder and Carrie Stollings, a creative mother-daughter
team. Doors opened in 2004 on Lower Greenville. It began as a contemporary furniture
and accessory consignment shop with a touch of local artwork. A year later, ART is ART
moved near Lakewood on Oram Street and evolved into a more eclectic atmosphere.
Within a short time frame, the wealth of local talent and the necessity of being more
earth-conscious began to present themselves, and both became the obvious muse for ART
is ART. Even innovative jewelry designers that incorporate natural and recycled materials
got in on the action. Refreshed retro furniture and complements were also fused into the
mix. “Our main focus is to give undiscovered, local artists a platform for showcasing their
original, modern creations. With so many artists in the area, we take pride in offering a
venue for them to highlight their exceptional talents. On top of that, we try to
complement such cool art with as many eco-oriented effects as possible,” said Holder.

In September 2007, ART is ART relocated to Henderson Avenue. Locals agree that it’s the
absolute, casual dig for right-brain stimulation. Impressive, original works of art, unique
furniture and accents, ridiculously affordable prices (gotta love that), frequent art shows
and complimentary, exotic tea while you explore … what more could you desire? Art
aficionados can peruse the diverse selection of temptations in a relaxed, groovy
atmosphere. Open the door to the alluring scent of handmade, earth-friendly soy candles
that flirt with your senses — all the more reason to linger. “I like to call it a hip, casual
gallery, and anyone is invited to drop by in a T-shirt and jeans because that’s probably
what I’ll be wearing. Dogs are welcome too,” said Stollings.

At least 22 local artists are regularly on exhibit at ART is ART, including Jeff Stachowski who
utilizes natural beeswax as his medium. The merchandise is continuously rotating, so there
is always reason to return and see what’s new and irresistible. Locals Rob Forsythe, John
Gay, Renata Holder, Sona Knox, J. Michael Nunez, Chris Panatier, Lesley Rucker, Debbie
Simms, Tammy Tholen, Roy Vance and Quincy Wakefield are a collective part of the
artisans who have work on display.

So, pioneer earthling, venture to ART is ART for a truly inspiring experience. ART is ART’s new,
urbanized location is at 2811 N. Henderson Avenue in Dallas.
For more information, call 214-823-8222 or visit online at
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