The Cerulean Gallery
opening for
Liz London, Isabelle Scurry Chapman, Linny
Yollick, Xan Sinclair Koonce and Suzanne
Caroline Crockett (Gallery Owner),
Ross Goldburg, Anita Dick
Lewise and David Crockett
Beth Mayfield, Judy Dunn, and
Danny Mayfield
Isabelle Scurry Chapman (Houston) &
Jo Anne Jones
Jim and Brenda Shute, Susan Hicks, Brenda and Bill Bogart
Barbara Wolin and Marietta Johnson
Erica Vanston, Sarah Monning and Caroline Lewis
Dan and Gloria Burrows, and Douglas D. Darnold
Jane Van Decar and Ralph Kellman
Suzanne Truman (Bozeman, MT), David and Leslie Benners
Larry Whiteley, Connie Roschlau
Ball and Chris Ball, David Rogers
Lilian Kirstein, Susan Lund, Melissa Hunt
Vance and Beth Maltsby, Caroline
Crockett (Gallery Owner)
Becky McCamey , Janet Daniels,
Ellen Wroughton
Janie Worst, Yvonne Greenwood,
Martha Nay
Mel and Gano Ehlers
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