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at Galleri Urbane
by Todd Camplin

If all the world’s a stage, artists are the ones that create the best sets. Often when I visit art shows
of a signal artist, I see individual art pieces displayed in a context of a body of work. Usually, the
works are just individual pieces that relate to the artist’s production over the course of a few years.
The installation is placed in the hands of a curator, gallerist, and can be a collaboration with the
artist. However, some artists create an installation concept that is integral to each individual
piece. Thus the show is staged and the public will notice they are not only seeing an art show
but rather experiencing a moment.
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If you want to experience more than just your average art show of work on the walls, make your
way down to Galleri Urbane for Anna Kunz’s installation. True, some of the show uses traditional
paintings on walls, but with a key difference. The spacing between works is dramatic. The white
spaces between paintings, the saturated colors on her canvases, and her formalist painting
approach all help to create a play of color in the eyes. I challenge you to stare at one of her
paintings. Then move to the white space with your eyes. You might notice that some of those
colors and shapes leave a quick after image in that blank space, if only for a moment. If the
space between the works was not there, you couldn’t create this effect with your eyes. Unlike
the Op artists that make an obvious play with your eyes. Kunz is more subtle.  She only rewards
those that take the time to really look at a painting for a minute before moving to the next
piece. This reward is given to those that are more thoughtful and patient with her art pieces.
Another powerful feature of the show is the thin, translucent piece of material hanging from
the ceiling. I was captivated by the colors and when I turned around I became aware that
the painting on the wall was also created by the work hanging from the ceiling. Therefore,
I had to walk around the piece to see through the hanging work interacting with the wall
piece. A canvas painting was also obscuring part of the blocks of color on the wall. This
gave yet another layer to consider. This introduction piece to the installation was very
important because it gave the instructions on how to view the rest of the show. A canvas
piece is there and you look to the side of the canvas to see the colors are on the wall,
then you turn and the color fades into translucent shadows. And finally, you look across
the gallery to a white wall. If you are paying attention, Kunz gives you the clues to best
experience her show.

Installation View
In talking to her at the openings and doing a little research, I find that Kunz is about controlling her
message while setting the stage for a beautiful experience in color and form. I hope to see another
show of her work in Texas some day soon. Meanwhile, I will enjoy Ann Kunz’s installation titled Heros
for Ghosts at Galleri Urbane through June 17th.
Installation View
Installation View
Installation View