World-renowned manufacturer of
inspired designed objects, opens it's
flagship store in Dallas, Texas, at
629 Preston Royal Shopping Center.  
Alessi Dallas will feature products from
the company’s vast catalog of
more than 3,000 design objects
for the home, table, kitchen,
office and more.
The new 1931-square-foot Dallas
store will be the second largest
Alessi flagship in the US. The
shop will feature Alessi’s
signature shelving and fixtures
designed by Alessandro Mendini
(creator of many of Alessi’s best
known products, and the
architect for the company’s
headquarters in Crusinallo,
Italy).  The new boutique carries
more than 1000 products from
all three divisions of Alessi (A di
Alessi, Alessi, and Officina Alessi)
with particular emphasis on
displaying pieces that highlight
the commitment to design
innovation that has long been
synonymous with the Alessi
name.  “These products,
typically only sold in Alessi
flagship stores, will now be
shown for the first time in Dallas,”
said store owner Mervyn Sacher.
With a vast product line that includes everything from an
iconic, whistling teakettle to a designer flyswatter, the Alessi
company, founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, has long been
at the forefront of innovative and inspired product design.  
The company has created a dynasty out of not only offering
products geared towards the mainstream – serving trays and
everyday cutlery among them – but by also creating some of
the most celebrated cult objects of our time.  
Alessi Dallas
629 Preston Royal Shopping
Dallas, TX 75230
Tel: 214-346-5900
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