at The Goss-Michael Foundation through July 28
by Todd Camplin

The Goss-Michael Foundation began as a commercial gallery, but soon shifted focus to a more
private collection museum and then they moved from their small Mid Town space to their large
building in the Design District. The private collection spaces have become an important trend
in the art world. Collectors have always been a driver of collective taste, but normally these
collectors would use an art museum as their vehicle of display.
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Now, some collectors are creating their own spaces and displaying these works outside the
museum setting. Often times they are featuring contemporary artists’ work. The Goss-Michael
Foundation focus is on the young and the not so young British artists. The British art scene
exploded on the world stage in the 1990’s and some of the most influential artists  today
are from the UK, so having an art space in Dallas that features these important artists is a
real treat to North Texas.
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The Foundation’s current show features Adam McEwen. Other than the chewing gum paintings,
Installation View