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Hemming and Hawing
by Steven Foutch
Downstairs / Main Gallery

Steven Foutch’s solo exhibition, Hemming and Hexing, explores a vague psychological space
through narrative suggestion and the technical language of printmaking. The work is an
exploration of mental clarity and cloudiness through landscape. Imagery is intended to evoke a
discussion of terrestrial vs celestial vs psychological space. From where do mental objects arise and
what if any narrative purpose do they contain.

The presentation and framing devices are a more considered, sculptural vehicle for works on
paper. In addition to questioning the boundaries between presentation and art object, the
display method hopes to push the ephemeral towards the sacred.
Ordinary Time
by Chris Ireland
Upstairs / Main Gallery
Chris Ireland’s solo exhibition Ordinary Time explores the psychology of ritual in the artist’s family though
photographic studies spanning the last 10 years. Through loss and change, the photographic diptychs
highlight the daily patterns and rhythms of life that do not disappear but adapt to changes in the family

New Works
by Clint Bargers
Downstairs / Front Gallery

Are some relics so foreign to our psyche that they appear to be from the future? What affect do
landscapes and materiality have on our understanding of ourselves and culture? Do symbols and
archetypes have autonomy?

Select new sculptures by Clint Bargers address these questions surrounding collectiveconsciousness,
mythology and materiality as they relate to the western American landscape.
Collaborative Daydreams by Jessica Burke and Valerie Powell
Downstairs / Project Space
Paperwork features works on paper inspired by doodles and daydreams while attending a wide variety
of Art Professor-type meetings.  Jessica Burke is a Georgia based artist and Associate Professor of Art and
Georgia Southern University.  Valerie Powell is a Texas based artist and Assistant Professor of Art at Sam
Houston State University.   
Joint Exhibition by Jessie Barnes and Lynné Bowman Cravens
Upstairs / Project Space
Car·a·pace is a site-specific installation and collaboration between printmaker, Jessie Barnes, and
Photographer, Lynné Bowman Cravens. Car·a·pace explores tropical landscapes and foliage, focusing on
the immersive experience of being engulfed in such a dense environment. The project stemmed from a trip
to Panama, and presents recollections of thick air and entangled native species. Such darkly alluring and
exquisitely lush surroundings provoke us to consider relationships between the land, fauna, flora, and self.