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opens at Bivins Gallery - January 28
by Todd Camplin

Not far from the DMA and the Art District is the highrise complex known as The Crescent. You can’t
miss these structures, because all the balconies are quite ornate. I am reminded of the French
Quarter in New Orleans when I look at the balconies. It also happens to be the where the Bivins
Gallery opened their first show. I was surprised to see a gallery open in midtown Dallas after most
galleries depopulated the area for the cheaper spaces in the Design District, but maybe Bivins
Gallery can make this venture work with a bold program and a full stable of artists.

Their opening show is titled 21 to Watch, which is a bold statement to start off a gallery, but I
guess it is good to make a splash with your first show. This is a group show of artists they represent,
which means you will get a sample of their program. However, for a first show, much of the work
had little breathing room from other work in the show. It feels a little like a salon show, without
really being one. I don’t know if it was necessary to put all that work out there at once.
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Tom Holland - Miller's Mound, 2009
epoxy on aluminum, 52h x 83.50w x 5d in

Linda Fleming - Voltage, 2016
powder coated steel, 52h x 66w x 2d in
Linda Fleming had a sculpture on the wall that was interesting in shape and the areas she cut
out. Her use of organic and geometric shapes expressed in line made me think that she would
be perfect for a MADI show. Dana Hart-Stone’s huge repeated pattern work on canvas was
mind blowing. Don Nice just paints an object. A little informal in style, but the object is recorded
and he moves on. In this case, it was a Cracker Jack box, which is my dad’s favorite snack, so
instantly I was smelling the caramel. I wonder if the painting also comes with a toy inside?
Brian Wall has some pieces in the show, one more monumental and another low to the
ground. The two pieces were so different in scale and style that I thought they were made
by two different artists.
Don Nice - Cracker Jack, 2015
oil on canvas, 34h x 22w x 1d in
Bivins Gallery also represents some estates of artists that have passed. One such artist is Irene
Pijoan, who passed in 2004 and had a body of work that is both labor intensive and fascinating
to behold. I hope they have a solo show of her work one day. The gallery also works in the
secondary market to help collectors find art works.  These artists are normally deceased, but
some contemporary artists find their work in the secondary market as well.
21 to Watch will be up through February 11th. Bivins Gallery’s next show will the Robert Hudson’s
show titled Between the Lines where you will see his whimsical sculptures and paintings on
paper. That show will be up from February 18 through March 25.
Dana Hart-Stone - My America, 2013
acrylic on canvas, 90" x 48" (5 canvases)